Irvin/Bourne Political Campaign

For this campaign, I worked and managed a field office. I coordinated interns and volunteers throughout the Cook County and Dupage area all while making and designing my posters and pamphlets for different events we held.

Irvin for Governor
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Field Office Manager

Working on a campaign being a field office manager brought me a lot of insights when it came to managing a team of individuals and coordinating with them. I oversaw and managed a team constructed of interns and volunteers, focusing on voter contact, tracking, and training. During this time I also made and designed my pamphlets and posters for different events we held throughout the campaign. Even though our time was cut short on this campaign because we lost in the primary, in the amount of time I was working I learned a lot of time management skills and leadership skills.

Irvin/Bourne Political Campaign
Irvin/Bourne Political Campaign