Jolt Foundation Website

This Project came from Bradley's Advanced Web Design class in 2021. My team and I were responsible for redesigning a local organization's website. We had to keep in mind the accessibility of this project which offered a good challenge to the design

Jolt Foundation
Web Portal
UX Designer/Client Liaison

Problem Statement  

Jolt asked for help with this project because they discovered that their website had been severely outdated and hadn't been updated in a long time. My team's job was to update their website and give it some more modern features so that people who needed the website now could get the help they deserved.

  • We used Elementor when building out the website and used a project organizer to organize what needed to take priority.
  • We also used Figma when initially building out the website and to plan how we were going to build it in Elementor.

Our initial design concept included different color designs however the client wanted to keep more to their original design so we took inspiration from their old color design and integrated it into our new design.


Here we built out most of the website before getting feedback on changes they wanted to be made to the site.​

  1. We made mockup designs of the website before building it. Making a storyboard color scheme and getting all of our assets ready.
  2. We then built out the design in Figma first so that we could all work on the design at once.
  3. I then sent the designs to the client and held meetings about what aspects they liked and disliked about our new design.

User Testing Results​

The clients gave us feedback during our meeting which I relayed back to our team to change.

  • Needed to change up the color scheme back to the original colors they were using on their old website.
  • Needed to redo some of the languages we used to sound more sympathetic to people that would be using the website.
  • Button and spacing issues they wanted to change that went better with some of their ideas for things should look.

After user testing, we made changes to their liking and then built the website out in Elementor. There we had our lead designer build out most of the website along with the team lead.

Jolt Foundation Website


After we made these initial changes, our team continued to add and change things on the website while I worked with the client to find the vision they were looking for. I went back and forth over text, call, and email making sure their needs were met. Eventually, they had been satisfied with our work and we reached the end of our project.

Overall the client was very happy with our design and our help. It was a very rewarding experience helping an organization like this that helps people less fortunate. If you'd like to look at the website you can go here:

Jolt Foundation Website